OUR vision

Provide Customers a memorable service while maintaining an eco-friendly atmosphere by blending perfectly into the environment.

Our Story

After working as an economist, New Zealander Peter Duncan chose Sri Lanka as his retirement. Helping his close-friend Erwin Jeddice in 2002 to overcome her financial crisis, Peter Duncan bought the existing building and converted the house to a small guest-house with 4 rooms on the ground-floor. Peter used the upper-floor as his living area and research center.He had a vision of seeing green in the now-barren mountains due to commercial crop plantations.
The entire building was transformed to the "windloft Retreat" after the involvement of Mr. Dhammika Liyanage and Mr. Manjula Dissanayake as business partners in 2012. The entire buidling was transformed to a 9-bedroom hotel with modern facilities and amenities. The hotel has its own organic-based garden and ensures the meals provided to guests are free of chemicals and pesticides.

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What we Offer

Windloft retreat is an extraordinary experience, a lesson in what can be accomplished by making simple life changes. Visitors are encouraged to stay for a few days to walk, relax in the natural pool, sketch the magnificent scenery or write their reports. Tours can be arranged by mountain bike to the surrounding areas or excursions to other destinations.
The wide glass panel windows will let you savour the morning, and night sights from you perch up in the sky, without moving from your bed. Step outside to be greeted by the chilly stillness of the morning.deltota town is still a sleepy hamlet where one can retreat to and relax with the wind whispering across the valley to a tune of its own. The mountain ranges in every direction you look, by night fall, the clean crisp air of high altitude makes it a great vantage point to observe the jeweled necklace of the road snaking its way along the mountain and the deltota Hamlet along with the “Milkyway” upon the heavens visible like you have never seen before.

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