who is peter duncan

“I’ve been directed by God to this land in Deltota, to add meaning to my life by caring for the earth and people around this area and to impart knowledge to harness the true value of living, how they should nurture soil plants and creatures.
Dhammika, I want to witness this vision become a reality through your eyes and bless you to take forward my dream I have envisioned for you and for your mother land.”

–Peter Duncan-

Our Goal

Conserving mountain area is highly important for the sustainability of Sri Lankan water bodies as rivers and streams are born from them. Peter Duncan Foundation motivate villagers and other volunteers to create,


Land having a better environment, while people get an income source by participating in our initiatives and the process will create more consumable water for humans and species around.

Our Vision

“Enhance quality of life by growing plants to ensure water for future generations, weed highly invasive foreign species, conserving water bodies polluted by acts and educating people to care for one another and environment whilst uplifting social status through sustainable Initiatives”

The birth of Peter Duncan Foundation (PDF) took place on 10th January 2016, the day of his funeral when Dhammika Liyanage (DL) pledged to take this noble effort forward by creating ‘the big picture’ of his dream. Family, friends and well wishes of both Peter and Dhammika rallied round and pledged to back this cause to reach it, to it’s true potential.

How to Join Our Cause

You may join Peter Duncan Green Platoon by contributing in kind, in person, opinion and also by providing professional / expert services as becoming environmentally responsible individual or a group. We invite students from schools, colleges,Universities and all other enthusiasts who could lead and educate the general public of the need to develop and protect the environment to provide consumable water for the future generations and improve bio-diversity. We also invite donors, opinion leaders, governmental organizations who work towards this worthy common cause to contribute in their own ways to make this programmes bigger and better.

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